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independant midwife at Oxford midwifery unit
Practice No.: 0081647


A word from Xoli

passion. experience. midwife.

Thank you for considering us to be your guide during this special time of your lives. As your midwives, you have assigned us to look after your health and that of your unborn baby. We will endeavour to be there for you when ever you need us at any time of the day.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any queries and concerns you might have. We look forward to sharing this journey with you! Services include VBAC births, (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean).

"The pleasure of having a baby needs to be cherished and my role is to make your birthing dream come true"



FEE : R700
CODE : 88420/88001 ICD Code (z34.9)


FEE : R9500.00
CODE : 88399 ICD Code (o80.0)


FEE : R1000.00
CODE : 88421 ICD Code (o80.0)


Kindly be reminded that this practice doesn’t bill birthing fee per outcome.

Please note that the practice is not contracted to the Medical Aids. We require that you pay cash and claim funds back from your medical aid. Should you wish to pay by electronic transfer you may do so if you bring proof of payment with you, alternatively by cash or swipe on the day of your visit.
The services include being with you throughout your labour and birth, as well as a post birth home visits to check on you and your baby.

You are required to pay R3000 by the 34 week visit for the delivery and the balance at the 38 week visit. Patients on medical aid can then claim this amount back from their respective medical aids after the birth. Any appointment not cancelled at least 24hrs before will be billed fully to you. So kindly notify in time if you won’t make it for your consultation.

Bed booking with hospital is your responsibility. The practise is not responsible for arrangement of finances with the clinic. Kindly clear all financial issues with the clinic before admission.
Remember to get authorisation with your medical aid beforehand. The codes that they will need to give you authorisation are listed above next to the fees. 

We would like you to know the following information:

It is important that you make an appointment to meet one of the following obstetricians that currently cover the practice. Their contact details are:

Dr Dlakavu FW  - Olivedale clinic :  0114627736
Dr Skakane N - Bedford Gardens and Oxford Clinic : 067 759 3228
Dr Mia Garden - City Clinic : 011 830-0663
Dr Kinunu - Oxford Midwifery Unit : 010 110 8686
Dr Siqana M - Oxford Midwifery unit  : 010 110 8686

Other Doctors on arrangement with the clinic

keep in mind

• The doctor that you choose will serve as our medical backup in case of emergency.

• They will also do your scans at your 12, 20 and 36 weeks to check on foetal wellbeing. It is your responsibility to make such an arrangement. 

• Any other doctor that you might like to use as back up should have practising rights at Oxford.

• You will see us for your other visits at 16, 24, 28, 30, 32, 34, 37, 38, 39, 40 and 41 weeks.

• Other doctors can be arranged as back-up subject to approval by Oxford Clinic management if this is the facility you choose for delivery.

Essentials for the big day

Please see below, a list of what to pack in
your hospital bag 

For you

- Maternity panties x3
- Maternity pads x2
- Gown
- Breastfeeding friendly pyjamas
- Slippers
- Comfortable shoes to walk around
- Comfortable clothes to labor
- Going home outfit
- Nipple cream
- Toiletries
- Cell phone charger
- Snack bag :
- Hydration liquids like vitamin water, lucozade
- Healthy snacks 

For baby

- Baby bag
- Thicker blanket
- 2 receiving blankets
- 3 growers
- 3 vests
- 2 beanie
- 2 socks
- Small pack of nappies
- Wet wipes
- Surgical spirit
- Wecsin powder
- Epimax junior  


- Comfortable pillow
- 3 towels
- Dad or board games
- Book
- Pj’s
- Toiletries
- Going home outfit  

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I am grateful for your consideration and look forward to sharing with you the most incredible time of your lives! May it go well with you throughout your pregnancy and everything that lies thereafter!

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Consulting Hours (By Appointment Only):
Practice hours till 13.30 and further than that it’s on special arrangements when there is a possibility.

Oxford Midwifery unit , 99 Oxford Road Saxonwold

Contact Details:
P: 082 667 7947

Practice No.: 0081647